My Google Maps keeps showing me Flux locations!




  • Anshuman Sengupta

    Shameful that you still haven't managed to fix an year old bug, and the suggestion is outdated for maps app

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  • Kiri Baildon-Smith

    The solutions listed above aren't available on current (Nov '21) Android, so I'm unable to clear the filter and remove the locations from Maps. Please, please fix this, as it's making maps incredibly awkward and annoying to use. 


    -- Edit to add -- 

    I have found a way of removing it in the current version of Maps - click the overlay button (that allows you to change from default to satellite etc, at the bottom of that menu will be a section called Explore and the Flux overlay will be listed there, tap it and it should go away! It should not be that difficult though!

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  • DM

    Thanks @  Kiri Baildon-Smith.

    The other solutions don't work.

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